Thank you all for making my recent visit for a wisdom tooth extraction as pain free as possible I am a big chicken when it comes to dentist visits but you made it ok. - Maree R

Thank you for giving me a beautiful new smile. I truly appreciate it. All the best to you and your family over the festive season.- Adrienne B

With much appreciation for the wonderful dental work! For your integrity and honesty! And your sense of humour!

All the best. - Sureshwari D

Hi Alan. Just a note to say ‘thank you!’ for the wonderful treatment you and your team have given me these past few months. I woke this morning and can finally say, I feel normal!! No pain, no weird bite and the crown fits perfect. So, thank you again and I’ll see you in a year for my regular checkup! Cheers, Christine D

Hi guys.

I came to and a had a consultation with Alan on Tuesday.

I just wanted to say I left feeling very comfortable and confident with my dental plan moving forward. A lot of fears were put at ease with his gentle friendly manner and I felt listened to and understood.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m actually looking forward to my next appointment in a few weeks!

Thanks once again.

Kind regards,

Talia ( a former chicken of dentists )

I would like to thank you for your extreme kindness for last Monday when I underwent treatment. I awoke feeling good, had a good lunch, and generally felt on top of the world. I had no side affects and absolutely no pain. Thank you. And this is as you know is from the biggest “chicken” of them all.

Once again, many thanks and I do look forward to seeing you in a few months when Garth is to put Composite on my top teeth and whiten the bottom ones.

It was also nice to be able to talk with someone that has had the same problem as me. It’s something very personal and certainly helps when you know that someone else has had to endure the same and that my feelings were no different. Hopefully that is all behind me now.

You are a fantastic dental team with feelings for your clients and certainly make your patients feel at ease.- Barbara

Thank you for my great smile, your great work has changed everything for me. Your caring attitude toward me made each visit special. I’m going to recommend you to everyone who asks me where I got my perfect smile. I look forward to seeing you again. -Angel

To Garth and your wonderful team, thanks for you professional and personal approach, help and flexibility. Very appreciated (thanks for the text support Simone!) - Margie Grant-Caplan

Thank you Garth for everything you both have done. I am very happy with the outcome of my teeth and thank you for the patience, support and care. Thank you so much - Janice Moore


Thanks again for all your assistance in helping me arrange my appointment and dropping me off afterwards. It was really appreciated! -Lyn L

“Dear Simone,

You are so sweet and kind and I enjoy so much our little chats we have managed to have when I come into see Garth. Your lovely smile and kindness has really meant a lot to me over the last year, you and Garth are a great team and thanks for everything. I do appreciate you so much, thank you for your generosity!” -Phillipa S

I just wanted to express our gratitude to the team on Monday night who mended my daughter’s two front teeth! You guys were great and totally put us at ease and also did a marvellous job. It’s wonderful to have such friendly caring people help out at what can be a stressful moment. I know you were both just doing your job….. But we wanted to let you know…. You were great! -Naomi & Larissa P

Thank you for restoring my son’s beautiful smile and giving him a much needed boost of confidence. Thanks to your skill and artistry he is now a major contender in wooing all those desirable babes out there – that is when he discovers all those desirable babes out there….. Seriously though his teeth look fantastic and it is all thanks to you. -Amanda

I have been fortunate to have Garth Sherriff as my dentist for over seven years. I would like to thank Garth and all his staff, for the wonderful friendly service they provide, and for their exceptionally high standard in patient care. I would and have recommended Garth to all my friends and family. So once again a big thank you to all the team at dentist for chickens.-Sharon L

Dear Garth and Simone,

I just really wanted to thank you Garth for making my first visit to a Dentist in a long long time quite a pain and fear free experience. Your gentle manner, your skill at giving painless injections and your sense of humour really helped me have a positive experience at last at the hands of a dentist. I also wanted to tell you thrilled I am at my new improved front teeth. I am over the moon and can’t stop smiling at myself in the mirror. You don’t know what a joy it is for me not to be self conscious of my smile any more and to feel pretty again when I do smile. I am so very grateful to you. And Simone you are one of the nicest friendliest people I have met – you really do excel at relieving the pre-appointment nerves. Much appreciated.- Cath S

Not only a place for chickens! Garth Sherriff’s dental surgery is amazing! Getting out 4 wisdom teeth is not exactly a fun procedure; but it was a quick, painless experience. Both Garth and Simone were terrific at handling me and my mouth, and when I needed anything extra – they waited for me to arrive at 7.30pm at night! I wouldn’t hesitate to have more teeth out today! (Just kidding)

Friendly and awesome, I’ve never visited a clinic with better atmosphere. Period. - Chris N

Dentistry for chickens while you sleep. Just close your eyes and count kiwi sheep! A more caring team you could not meet, snuggle and relax in the reclining seat. Fillings, De-scaling, Extractions too, the best treatment is administered to you. Advice freely given in a caring way, for this service you gladly pay!

Thank you Mr. Sherriff for healing me smile, don’t worry I’ll be back in a little while. - Denise B





 “As a card carrying coward when the dentist is spoken of, I had not been near one for almost 10 years. Needless to say, I needed a lot of work done. I took the option of 2 hours sedation with Garth and got everything done at once. Woke up, feeling nothing, went home feeling nothing and that was it. Brilliant. The cost was not anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be and I am now a regular. I have now sent a few friends to Garth and they all speak of the good experience they had.

P.S. I would not have believed a testimony like this, until I actually went.

“Go the dentistry for chickens”” - Peter G

I write this recommendation with great pleasure. Every time the occasion has arisen for me to visit Garth I have received such great service from both Garth and his wife. They both make attending the dentist a very easy time for me. I am one of those people who is absolutely petrified of dentists and only go to visit Garth when absolutely necessary, and of course I can’t wait, I have to have it done immediately or I will not go, but Garth’s wife is so kind and understanding and always somehow, manages to make that appointment for me to meet with Garth. I do have IV whenever I have to have dental work carried out, and I trust Garth with my life, he is so kind and so efficient that the dreaded visit to the dentist is over with so quickly and without any problems. All my family go to Garth for dental treatment. I would recommend Garth Sherriff to anyone who is at all nervous about visiting a dentist or anyone who just needs a great dentist who gets the job done efficiently.

A big thanks to both Garth and his wonderful wife from a very grateful but frightened patient. - Eileen C

I was afraid about getting my 4 wisdom teeth out I almost cried (I am the chicken of all chickens and I don’t tolerate ANY pain). I went in at 6pm Friday and was very quickly put at ease by Garth and his nurse. I was then sedated and I don’t remember anything until I woke up on Saturday morning at home in bed. It hardly even hurt and the worst part was the frustration about not being able to chew anything-but that only lasted 3 days. My stitches took 10 days to fully dissolve, but they didn’t stop me from eating and were only sensitive when I irritated them by trying to pull them out. My advice is to listen to Garth and make sure you take all the medication he prescribes. This experience was nothing like I had built up in my mind and it really is no biggie so don’t stress about it.


Rebecca Dallas 

"Just a quick email to thank you all for being amazing!

It was completely fantastic to be able to book appointments from the US then turn up and have all of you be your wonderful selves. It’s always been a great experience dealing with all of you, but we especially appreciated it this time around. As usual, absolutely all of you were welcoming and unbelievably helpful, plus just nice to have a chat with!

Please pass on to Alan that the great top up job he did is lasting brilliantly (THANK YOU!) and to the lovely Ella who fit me in for the bite splint then miraculously had it ready for me the next day, I really appreciate everyone going above and beyond expectations."

Good morning, I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to Garth, Megan and the other lady (sorry do not remember name) who removed my 3 impacted wisdom teeth yesterday.

As you know I was beyond petrified and after reluctantly dragging myself in, I had an extremely pleasant experience.

I found after the IV sedation the whole procedure went so smoothly, in fact I do not remember any of the 7 or 8 injections in my mouth, didn't feel any pain throughout and then afterwards I hear I was giggling throughout the procedure, that made me laugh.

Today after surgery I feel pretty good, only slight swelling in left lower jaw but otherwise fine, I am up and eating/drinking.

So again THANK YOU all, I will be highly recommending you to others.

Kind Regards, Melissa Kerr 

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