Bridges can be used for both cosmetic and practical solutions to fill in the gaps of missing teeth. Typically, a bridge utilises the one or more teeth either side of the space(s) and involves the crowning of these teeth. Bridges are a cost-effective solution to a gap where neither a partial plate nor implants are desired. 


The making of a bridge requires at least two appointments. At the first appointment the two existing teeth undergo preparation as if for a crown. That is filing back to a size which will receive a crown satisfactorily. A temporary bridge is then created and impressions are sent to the lab for fabrication. After a typical period of two weeks the bridge is ready for placement. During this time it may be necessary for you to visit the lab in order for correct shading; however this is not always the case. At the second appointment, as long as the fit and shade of the bridge is satisfactory it is cemented into place.